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Clairvaux MacKillop College
Crest of Clairvaux MacKillop College
Coordinates27°33′12.67″S 153°04′40.31″E / 27.5535194°S 153.0778639°E / -27.5535194; 153.0778639Coordinates: 27°33′12.67″S 153°04′40.31″E / 27.5535194°S 153.0778639°E / -27.5535194; 153.0778639
TypeCo-educational, secondary, Catholic
MottoBy Effort and Faith
Established1986, from the amalgamation of Clairvaux College and MacKillop Catholic College
PrincipalMs Clarke
Colour(s)Maroon, gold and white

Clairvaux MacKillop College is a Roman Catholic co-educational secondary school located in Upper Mount Gravatt, a suburb in the south side of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.[1] With a student body of over 1100,[2] the school was founded in 1986 by the amalgamation of Clairvaux College and the MacKillop Catholic College.[3] It houses the Edmund Rice Centre, which is used for the education of learning impaired students.[4]


Clairvaux College was founded by the Christian Brothers in 1966 as a Catholic all-boys secondary school with Brother Surawski as principal. In 1971 it was decided that the all-girls Catholic secondary school St Joseph's College be moved from its current location in Holland Park to the site adjoining Clairvaux College and be renamed Mackillop College. Sister Margaret Mary Campbell was the first principal. Both schools operated as separate colleges until 1984, with some sharing of classes, teaching staff, and sports facilities. A decision was made to amalgamate the two colleges and full integration occurred in 1988 with the co-educational school renamed to Clairvaux MacKillop College.[3]

House system[edit]

The students are divided into the following 6 houses:

  • Aspinall (Orange): Named after Father Kevin Aspinall, PP.
  • Campbell (Yellow): Named after Sister Margaret Mary Campbell, first principal of Mackillop. (formally O'Donnell)
  • Chisholm (Green): Named after Caroline Chisholm. (formally Penola)
  • MacKillop (Red): Named after Mary MacKillop. (formally Duhig)
  • Rice (Blue): Named after Edmund Rice. Brett Tierney a notable student was an Edmund.
  • Surawski (Purple): Named after Brother Surawski, the first principal of Clairvaux College.

The house system was expanded in 1995 and the six houses participate in fund raising for selected charities, vie in three inter-house sporting events annually[4] and come together as a united college for inter-school sport events.

School laptop program[edit]

Clairvaux MacKillop has a student laptop program, in which laptops are provided for students. As of 2013, all students at the college have a laptop.[5] Students will have the option to keep their laptops after finishing Year 12 if they pay extra fees, but otherwise must return the laptops to the school.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Mark Coyne, a rugby league player
  • Peter Coyne, a rugby league player
  • Bob Gallagher, 97.3 radio DJ[6]
  • Terry Hansen, comedian and 97.3 radio DJ[6]
  • Mitchell Kealey, an Australian Olympic long distance runner[citation needed]
  • Darren Smith, a rugby league player.[7] After his rugby career, Smith returned to the school to become a career pathways teacher[8]
  • Jason Smith, a rugby league player


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