Battle of Ösel Island

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Battle of Osel Island
Part of the Great Northern War
Battle of oesel.jpg
Aleksey Bogolyubov. Battle of Oesel
DateJune 4, 1719
Result Russian victory
Naval Ensign of Sweden.svg Swedish Empire Flag of Russia.svg Tsardom of Russia
Commanders and leaders
Commodore Wrangel Captain Naum Senyavin
1 ship of the line
1 frigate
1 brigantine
6 ships of the line
1 smaller boat
Casualties and losses
3 ships captured
451 killed, wounded and captured
As few as 18

The Battle of Osel Island took place on May 24, 1719 (O.S.), during the Great Northern War. It was fought near the island of Saaremaa (Ösel). It led to a victory for the Russian captain Naum Senyavin, whose forces captured three enemy vessels, sustaining as few as eighteen casualties. It was the first Russian naval victory which did not involve ramming or boarding actions.

Ships involved[edit]


  • Devonshire 52
  • Portsmouth 52
  • Raphail 52
  • Uriil 52
  • Varachail 52
  • Hyagudiil 52
  • Natalia 18


  • Wachtmeister 52 - Captured
  • Karlskrona Vapen 30 - Captured
  • Bernhardus 10 - Captured


Coordinates: 58°25′00″N 22°30′00″E / 58.4167°N 22.5000°E / 58.4167; 22.5000